Classic Happy Planners by Kathy’s Scraps! Freebie!

Hey everyone! Kathy has made you some beautiful Perpetual Planners using my Birthstones Series! The great thing about this is that you can use for any year, not just 2019!


Note from Kathy:

Aimee’s kits that I used for this yearly feature of Perpetual (good for any year) Lined Calendars features the 12 birthstones in her 360 series.

This past year (2018) I did the calendars for 2018 only. I put the year on the top, which has been removed. I put the first letter of the day of the week after the date on the line, that was also removed. So now these revamped calendars can be used for any year. If you wish to put the year on the calendar use a sticker or hand write it on the page. Same for the letters for the days of the week.

The objective of these Classic Happy Planner Lined Calendar pages will be to record something on that days date. Could be anything, something special that happened that day, a blessing, or maybe that you just stayed home because it was cold and rainy outside. I did one of these calendars the past two years and actually kept up with it. Yeah, sometimes I had to go back a few days and fill something in, but all and all it was easy to keep up with. It was fun…and I hope you enjoy these pages.

Here is January’s Garnet and February’s Amethyst Classic Happy Planner Perpetual Lined Calendars!

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