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Aimee Harrison

Aimee Harrison

Hello and welcome to my passion! I’ve been designing digital scrapbook products since July 2009 but I have been designing digital art with Photoshop since 1998. I love color and you will find that I like to incorporate brilliant, bold color into many of my designs. I love color because it reflects both on my personality and outlook on life but also because it is a feast for the eyes.

I grew up both wanting to express myself through my art yet also wanting to learn all I could about the world, it’s people and our past. I’ve an equal passion for learning as I do for art and you will often see both incorporated into my designs. In college I started out in Graphic Art but soon changed my major to Anthropology with a minor Geography.  I still have a passion for both and as a result of my interests, I love to create themed collections whether it be themed towards travel, people, places, colors, seasons or holidays.

Other interests I have include photography, writing, genealogy, history, archaeology, geography, art journaling, fine art, music, true crime, literature, both fiction and non fiction, cooking, movies, television and antiquing.

I’m 46 years old and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my boyfriend Tyler and our multitude of pets.  I also have the Neurological Disorder, Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.

My life is full of struggles and triumphs. It is a life well lived.

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